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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Salt overdose.

There is a reason why I don't cook.

I can bake, but if you ask me to cook, make sure you have back up.

It never turns out right.

Just doesn't. No matter what I do.

I feel sorry for my future Husband. (shh...this is between me and you.*bribes you with cupcakes*)


This is what I do.

Buy ingredients. Check.

Measure out ingredients according to recipe. Check.

Follow as instructed. Check.

Be disappointed with outcome. Check.

Blame recipe. Triple check.


Looks delicious, right?

Sorry, but pictures lie. 

The recipe stated 30grams of salt for the pizza dough...and I stupidly followed. It was a trusted Masterchef recipe too. The pizza topping altogether is not bad. The base? Oh. My. God. It was like consuming one week's worth of salt intake in one slice of pizza. 

At least I learned my lesson today.

Always follow your natural instincts. Trust it. 

If it says, "This is not right". Then, it really is not right. 

Oh well, there is always next time.


For now I'll just stick to baking, thanks.

Top Tips:

  • The best pizzas have no more than 3 - 4 toppings. 
  • Always mix yeast with lukewarm water and keep the dough in a warm environment. 
  • Always trust your first instinct and use common sense. Don't be like me. 
  • Be prepared to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Even famous Chefs make mistakes too. 
  • Never give up. 


muslimah93 said...

The pizza doessss loook delicious, mashallah! And ohhhhhhh! So does the cupcakesss! They look scrumptious!!! Yummyyyy. Lol. =D Btw, i like ur tips! You made a mistake, chill. It's okayyy! And, inshallah ull be a great cook! Do dua i become a great cook too! Haha. =)))

brave chickens said...

Make dad makes scrumptious pizzas. We just buy the premade mini bases from Safeway.

They (your pizza) looks pretty yummy, though next time Inshallah with a little less salt, they'll be perfecto. (:

Jaz said...

Your photography is really good! The pizzas look really nice, even if salty. I tried to make pizza base (fan assisted oven) but all I get is a weird crispy bread with a big air pocket in the middle!

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah! Pls share how you make the icing so perfectly?

lara said...

Subhanallah. Oh, do you have a professional oven my dear? :)

optocook said...

Poor thing. 1 teaspoon of each salt and sugar is usually enough for 2-4 large pizzas.

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