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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Viennese Biscuits.

Viennese Biscuits

It's that time of year again.

Time to give and forgive. Um, no it's not Thanksgiving.

Time to bake some goodies.

Time to spend quality time with your whole family and friends, and even meet some new faces.

Time to start again after renewing ourselves. After purifying our hearts and minds.

We all love that time of year.

I know I do.

I love that feeling. Kind of like having a biscuit that melts in your mouth.

Viennese Biscuits

These Viennese Biscuits were sooo good, I kept getting requests for more.

So I made around 200.

Viennese Biscuits

How can you say no to this?

Viennese Biscuits

How bout if I dip it in chocolate a little?

Viennese Biscuits

There you go. I can see you drooling already.

Viennese Biscuits

You can dip the whole biscuit in chocolate. Or you can put two and two together with jam in the middle. You can also make it long, short, fat, rectangular or round. It's your choice. Whatever you like.

Viennese Biscuits

If you have leftover chocolate, you can drizzle it over the biscuits for that special effect.

Viennese Biscuits

Bottle it up.

Viennese Biscuits

Tie a pretty ribbon around it with a card attached.

Viennese Biscuits

Then, give it to your loved ones.

Viennese Biscuits.
Adapted from Marie Claire

125g unsalted butter, softened
25g icing sugar
2 large pinches of baking powder
125g plain flour
1/2tsp vanilla essence
about 50g dark or milk chocolate

1) Beat the butter until really soft, then add the sugar and beat again until light and fluffy.

2) Add the baking powder, flour and vanilla essence and beat to make a fairly firm dough, then spoon the mixture into a piping bag.

3) Cover a couple of baking sheets with non-stick baking parchment and pipe 10cm-long fingers, spaced well apart. Bake at gas mark 3/170ºC/325ºF for about 15 minutes until pale golden brown, then set aside to cool.

4) Break the chocolate into small pieces, tip into a bowl, then stand the bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir until melted.

5) Dip the biscuits in chocolate and lay it on non-stick paper. Leave to set.

This is my way of saying "Thank you. I love you."

Viennese Biscuits

From Love and Sugar. 


Ashi said...

these look absolutely DIVINE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I have to try making those!!! :-)

Selima said...

i got to try and they were awesome! reallllllly delicious and definitely melt in your mouth!

just wondering how many bikkies would the recipe make with the quantities you put on this blog?

Love and Sugar said...

Salam Sal,

It makes around 40 - 45 biscuits, also depending on the size.


Love and Sugar said...

Oh wait, no I doubled the around 20 biscuits if you dont. ;)

lara said...

gorgeous!! beautiful rose shapes, how did you make that?? any Youtube tutorial?? :)) also, this blog is fun, i love your wit!

Hamid said... delicious to see.

I never ate any of these till today.

Yara aka Butterfly2729 said...

oooohhh i wanna try these.
Mashallah they look amazing, and very well presented.

I'd be over the moon if someone gave these to me!
Homemade makes it all the more special : ]

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna have to steal the kitchen for a bit...

Geraldine Loh said...

can I know roughly about how much is a large pinch of baking powder? 1/2 tsp?

Sun Kissy said...

Hi, I just tried this recipe today but my cookies turned out super crumbly. Even as I attempted to lift off from the parchment paper, the cookie broke into crumbles. The taste is incredible though. Just wondering if i'd done something wrong though I followed the recipe, measurements and instructions to the T.


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