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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Secret Recipe Australia.

‎"When I'm depressed, I cut myself......

a piece of cake."

Make that chocolate cake.

It's true.

When I'm stressed or upset, I either bake or eat chocolate. Tons and tons of chocolate.
Say hello to Mrs. Pimples.

Right now, in the midst of finishing off my last semester (and trying so hard not to stress!), I could really do with some Secret Recipe cakes. Simple and delicious sponge cakes with plenty of cream. Just my kind of cake.

Secret Recipe is a Malaysian owned café/restaurant which has spread throughout south-east Asia and here in Australia! I have grown up with it since young, and the day I found out it opened in Melbourne - I went spastic. If you're ever in Australia,  Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Pakistan, you have to drop by the closest Secret Recipe branch and try their delicious dessert range - pronto.

What to expect?

Secret Recipe Australia

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Secret Recipe Australia

One of my favourites - Classic Cheese Cake

Secret Recipe Australia

Cocoa-Mocha Cake

They have savoury foods too. Irresistible!

Secret Recipe Australia

Nasi Goreng and Satay. 

Secret Recipe Australia

Penang fried Kuay Teow. Probably the best Halal Kuay Teow  in town.

Secret Recipe Australia

Spaghetti bolognese. 

Secret Recipe Australia

Seafood Curry Laksa.

 Check out their menu for more. 

Secret Recipe Australia

and of course, I must have my green tea everywhere I go.

They just keep growing and growing. Two more joints will be opening up in Melbourne - one in Melbourne Central and Knox Ozone. Yay! If you can't wait for it to open, I suggest you take a trip downtown to Chapel St or Fountain Gate now. 

Disclaimer: I do not get paid to promote Secret Recipe. I simply do it out of love for great food. But if you happen to own a branch and would like to pay me, I'd be more than happy to accept your offer ;)


brave chickens said...


P.S: bonjour ma amie :) tu est tres super.

Love and Sugar said...

yessss!!! shall take you there one day ;D

Rockstar ET said...

Gaaaaah mouth watering! Too bad Jogja doesn't have a secret recipe branch.

Muslim Girl said...

Those cheesecakes look superb! They should open a venue in Canada since I know I will not be in any of those places any time soon :(

zahra said...

whoa whoa you got me lol i read the first bit and was like what!!! oh okay hahaha. nasi goreng goes down as one of my favourite dishes of all time. anyways sister i was wondering what camera you use to take all your marvellous shots! i think u asked me before, i'm just using a Canon IXUS 80 IS but the focus is driving me crazy and wanna move on up in the camera ranks haha ur shots always look fantastic!

muadz said...

have u tried "mama wongs"? :D

mel a said...

AHHH> SO GOOOD!!! i must go here! looks fatasbulous! :d :d :d

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