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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cooling down @ Il Dolce Freddo

While people up north are sitting by the wood fire, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate;
we, down under, are melting away under the scorching sun.

Say hello to Summer days in Melbourne.

Thirty degrees in Australia is nothing like thirty degrees in a tropical country.

Here, you burn more than you sweat. And the air is dry, not humid.

The best thing to do in this high heat is to cool down.

Cold drinks work wonders. Smoothies are so refreshing and it makes you feel good.

The fan and cooler help, too.

Eating Gelati is a must.

My favourite place to go for gelati is Il Dolce Freddo (The Cold Sweet ~ literally translates to The Sweet Cold) on Lygon. There are many more gelati bar on the same strip but this one will always be my number one. Gelatissimo not far down is also another crowd favourite. 

All of their gelati are made on premises daily. 

It was packed that night we came. Most of them were Asians, including myself. It's probably because of the different varieties of tropical flavours they have available.

I spot lychees and durian at the end! The green one on the left is green tea.

This is one of two display cabinets.

Chocolate, Mars Bars or Snickers (I can't remember) and Ferrero Rocher.What a tease.

I'm usually a chocolate/nuts/dairy lover. However, this time I felt like more fruity flavours.
I chose this berry one and pandan/coconut next to it.

We also decided to go with Black Sesame Seed (brown gelati on the left).
But it's nothing special. Will make a note not to get it next time.

The Pandan/Coconut gelati won me over.

But no matter how good they taste, I'll always be an ice-cream fan.

We went for a walk towards a park with a spoon each in our hands. By the time we got to the park we've already devoured our cup full.

Till next time,

[Note: Some flavours do contain traces of alcohol such as Rum & Raisin and Baileys. Please enquire before purchasing.]


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